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Or maybe Not.

For those following the recent melt down over the Rebecca Watson Vs. Richard Dawkins debacle I won’t go into too many details, for those that aren’t, Good For You! Don’t Clink on these Links, it’ll just suck you in! You were warned.

Anyway, There’s a lot of crap out there to read and watch, but most of it really misses the point. The “Point” isn’t that some dude came onto some chick in an elevator at 4 am, and then some other guy (not part of the original interaction) got upset when the chick politely said ‘no’. The “Point” is how the rest of the blogoshpere blew the fuck up over this for no good reason!

Watson has commented on and posted some of the responses and email she’s received over the matter, and frankly, the people are amazing…I mean, there aren’t enough negative descriptors out there to describe the folks, and sadly most of them are men. Which, ironically, proves her point on how some men get all pissy when women ask/tell them not to do things that are creepy/threatening/down right inappropriate.

And those are just the responses sent to her personally. That’s not counting all the You Tube vids by the uniformed and blog posts by the oppressed masses representing the endangered white male.

What really gets me here is, then men (and some women) are (or claim to be) Atheists, and/or Humanists.  I mean, WTF? When has it ever been ok in Humanist ideals to be a sexist asshole? Isn’t that the point of Humanism, to be good to each other and respectful of each other regardless of gender, race, or sexual preference? How is telling Watson that she is “too ugly to rape” in line with Humanist ideals?

What sticks out most here is not the rampant sexism in the Atheist community, or the constant apologetics that want to make the world safe for male privileged. It’s that this same blow-up happens about every six months or so and apparently never really gets resolved. I mean, I expect more from the Atheist and Humanist communities then I do the rest of the world, else I wouldn’t have identified with them. Yet these pleas from the feminine populace to be treated respectfully and equally 

constantly being shot down with ridicule and threats is really enraging.  

Despite my acidic tone here, what really needs to happen is the community at large needs to sit down and figure out why this happens. What are the root causes of this? Why isn’t this issue getting resolved? Can we break it down into it’s basic parts and deal with it?

Once we do that we need to work to change it! We need real ideas, not “Men just need to learn to know better!” Or “Bitches be trippen.” We need solutions, because otherwise this is all going to blow-up again around Yule and I really don’t want to start my year off that way.