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So Jennifer McCreight has decided to not blog for a while. Why you ask?

Have you not been Paying attention?

Stephanie Zvan over at Freethought Blogs, really hit the nail on the head here, calling us out for not paying attention to what was being said. Also, and more importantly, she calls us out for allowing it in the first place. Yes, us. You and Me and everyone who calls themself an ally of McCreight .

How So?

Zvan points out that the same people that have been so negative against A+ and McCreight (and apparently Freethought Blogs (FtB) ) are the same people who are so hostile against theists, paranormal believers, homeopathy and other non-skeptics. We have stood by and let them be such and even giggled along with their stream of insults and threats. The old “New Atheism” has spawned this, at least in my opinion. The New Atheists made it ok to ridicule, belittle, mock, scorn and in general be ass-holes to those who don’t agree lock step with us. None of us are completely guiltless here. I know I’ve been overly agressive with particular religious people, and I know I have sat quietly while others have been outright insulting.

No more.

There are words for this kind of behavior, Bullying. Ironically, it is what FtB have been accused of, which is a hard claim to support with the claimants recent actions. The victory crowing of McCreight‘s critics is evidence enough who the bully is here.

Also, I don’t by the “Its the Internet” BS. That’s just code for “I want to be a jackass, but I don’t want to be called on it.”

I’m Calling You Out.

Anonymity on the in internet is quickly coming to an end. Pretty much the only places you can really get away with being a completely faceless individual are places like Reddit and YouTube’s comments section. Pretty much everywhere else your identity is attached to your posts and comments. Which has toned the internet down a bit, but I also remeber the development of the Internet Rules of Conduct, created by…another woman…which were meant to address the appalling behaviour of anonymous individuals on the internet.

I think it’s time to step up once more, and start making the harassment that Women and Gays et al, experience on the internet by making it public. Speak out and you’ll find a lot more support then you will ridicule. Also, rape, violence. and death threats are illegal, and you can and should report them to the authorities. Report them to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you are getting them. It only takes a minute and it’s a positive step, however small, against internet harassment.

There is also the option I take, which I’m not sure it’s the best; I just don’t read comments. I make vids and blogs, and twitter my heart out, but with the exception of rare occasions, I don’t pay much attention to the comments. I have found this does two things, 1) I don’t get all worked up on negative talk and 2) It doesn’t feed the trolls. On the down side it does limit the amount of interaction I have with my audience, which is the only reason I pay what little attention I do.

But My Privilege!

I think the only people who will be upset at what I am saying here are those who will see it as a threat to their privilege. I mean, who am I to take away their god given right to threaten to rape a chick they don’t know on the internet? What am I, some rape hating lesbian whore? Kinda…

Why do you even need to use that kind of language anyway? If you disagree with someone say so civilly and maybe a discussion can come of it that might sway that person to your point of view. Telling them you’re going to kill them or you hope they kill themselves is immature at best and illegal. You, whoever you are, never have the right to threaten, slander, or verbally assault someone on the internet, or anywhere IMO. If you think you do, maybe you should examine yourself and figure out why you think you have this right.

In this LARP I used to play, there was a side game called The Game of Escalation, where whatever was done to you, you had to do back in spades. The winner was the one who’s retaliation was so bad that the other person couldn’t reciprocate, and no, there were no rules beyond that. There was also the ever present threat of losing one’s “man card” which only helped to fuel the game.

That’s kinda how I see trolls and the privileged individuals who want to shout obscenities randomly. For some reason it’s fun for them to bully, offend, and ridicule other people who are mostly strangers to them. They get some kind of kick out of it, and they see it as a right, a privilege they have, to do so. Well it’s not, and like all bullies, someone needs to stand up to them. The more people that will stand up to them the less power they will have to bully, and hopefully they will eventually go away.

Until then, this is a group effort that I hope people will join me in.


Or maybe Not.

For those following the recent melt down over the Rebecca Watson Vs. Richard Dawkins debacle I won’t go into too many details, for those that aren’t, Good For You! Don’t Clink on these Links, it’ll just suck you in! You were warned.

Anyway, There’s a lot of crap out there to read and watch, but most of it really misses the point. The “Point” isn’t that some dude came onto some chick in an elevator at 4 am, and then some other guy (not part of the original interaction) got upset when the chick politely said ‘no’. The “Point” is how the rest of the blogoshpere blew the fuck up over this for no good reason!

Watson has commented on and posted some of the responses and email she’s received over the matter, and frankly, the people are amazing…I mean, there aren’t enough negative descriptors out there to describe the folks, and sadly most of them are men. Which, ironically, proves her point on how some men get all pissy when women ask/tell them not to do things that are creepy/threatening/down right inappropriate.

And those are just the responses sent to her personally. That’s not counting all the You Tube vids by the uniformed and blog posts by the oppressed masses representing the endangered white male.

What really gets me here is, then men (and some women) are (or claim to be) Atheists, and/or Humanists.  I mean, WTF? When has it ever been ok in Humanist ideals to be a sexist asshole? Isn’t that the point of Humanism, to be good to each other and respectful of each other regardless of gender, race, or sexual preference? How is telling Watson that she is “too ugly to rape” in line with Humanist ideals?

What sticks out most here is not the rampant sexism in the Atheist community, or the constant apologetics that want to make the world safe for male privileged. It’s that this same blow-up happens about every six months or so and apparently never really gets resolved. I mean, I expect more from the Atheist and Humanist communities then I do the rest of the world, else I wouldn’t have identified with them. Yet these pleas from the feminine populace to be treated respectfully and equally 

constantly being shot down with ridicule and threats is really enraging.  

Despite my acidic tone here, what really needs to happen is the community at large needs to sit down and figure out why this happens. What are the root causes of this? Why isn’t this issue getting resolved? Can we break it down into it’s basic parts and deal with it?

Once we do that we need to work to change it! We need real ideas, not “Men just need to learn to know better!” Or “Bitches be trippen.” We need solutions, because otherwise this is all going to blow-up again around Yule and I really don’t want to start my year off that way.